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The process starts with a few files from you:

- A couple of recent samples of similar jobs (Oil and Gas, Municipal, Residential, or Cell Tower ).

- As well, we need a copy of your template with blocks, titles and layers.

- A copy of your CTB file

Next, one of our drafters will set up to match your output and requirements. We DO NOT charge for set up time. We only charge for actual drafting time. This set up stage may take a day or two, depending on work load.

Then, when you are ready to have us start on your project, send us (by email, ftp, Dropbox, or fax) the required files. These usually include:

- Field Notes

- Calc Drawings or Calc sheets

- Title Documents

Once the drawing is ready for checks, we send it to you. after you send back a mark-up, we do the corrections. Our goal is that this process will be as seamless as if we were in your office.

Send us an email with any questions, and for our rate sheet.